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The ocean and its animals have given so much to SeaScapes Marine Center, so whenever possible, SeaScapes tries to give back to them.

Along with donations to various ocean and marine animal conservation organizations, we also practice safe collecting techniques and we try our hardest to collect all of our animals ourselves (if we can not do this ourselves we will only acquire animals through reputable, local sources).

These animals provide us with a wonderful way to teach people about the ocean, however we respect that they belong in the ocean and not in tanks. Our animals are constantly changing, and because of circumstances beyond our control we may not always have the ones listed on our site. Please understand that SeaScapes animals may change depending on season, availability, and sustainability.

Our Marine Biologists are trained professionals who care a great deal about these animals. If they feel for any reason that the animals are being mistreated in any way, some lessons and/or animals may be left out and any person mistreating the animals may be removed from the program at any time at the presenter's discretion. This is for the safety of the animals as well as for the people involved.

If you see a stranded marine mammal on the beach, please contact:


Please check back with us often for more conservation events, such as beach clean-ups in Summer 2021!

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Beach Clean Up3.jpg
Beach Clean Up2.jpg


"Through improved knowledge of the ocean system and it's inhabitants, we can become impassioned to work toward curing our planet's faltering health."
- Fabien Cousteau

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