Virtual Ocean Classroom


SeaScapes Marine Center was originally set to launch it's hands-on marine education programs to local schools and the public in April 2020. As schools began to shut down this past spring due to COVID, SeaScapes took a step back as well and decided to wait until the fall to see how best to move forward.


After talking with local schools about a virtual program, SeaScapes has decided to offer schools a discounted Virtual Classroom, providing a 45 minute presentation (including a slideshow and Q&A) to teach your students about some local marine animals that we have on-hand.


Since we can not bring our animals to you for a hands-on experience, we are happy to offer this opportunity to schools for $100 per session during the COVID pandemic. We can't wait to follow this up with an in-person trip to your classrooms (when it's safe to do so again) so that students can get a hands-on experience with these awesome animals.


Please contact SeaScapes Marine Center with questions and/or to schedule a time for this Virtual Ocean Classroom experience.


"Individually we are one drop...Together, we are an ocean."

- Ryunosuke Satoro